Location and Activities

Cumbuco is a small fishing village situated about 25 kilometers North West from the city of Fortaleza, in the state of Ceara, along the north east coast of Brazil. It has been discovered by domestic and foreign tourists, especially the ones who enjoy sand beaches, great climate and water sports. The population is around 2000.


Village is regarded as picturesque and scenic and is attracting both domestic and international tourism. Cumbuco has a beautiful and quiet beach near Fortaleza on one side of town and the famous sand dunes on the other side. There is a small and busy village centre where you can find everything what you might desire or need. There are supermarkets, restaurants, bars, pharmacies, ATM machines and barracas, beach restaurants, where they serve the best fresh seafood.


Cumbuco is geographically situated just 3,5 degrees beneath the equator, which means the summer in this village never ends. Average temperature between 25 and 32 in combination with refreshing winds makes perfect conditions for vacations all year round. The south-east side-on shore steady winds makes it the perfect spot for windsurfing and kitesurfing. August, September and October are the windiest months. From November onwards the wind is less strong but still blows every day.

Sports and Recreation

Due to his excellent wind conditions Cumbuco has become one of the most famous kiteboarding spots in the world. The weather conditions allow you to kite and windsurf almost every day of the year. There is a wind guarantee of almost 100 % for this time. Here are some other beating range conditions – butter-flat-water lagoons, kilometers of beach for downwind adventure and some epic wave spots. Experienced surfers can borrow equipment and take an arranged transport to the best spots in Cumbuco. Beginners can take lessons with professional instructors.

Kitesurfing and windsurfing

Cumbuco is one of the most famous kiteboarding spots in the world. The weather conditions allow you to kitesurf and windsurf almost every day of the year.


Cumbuco is a great place to experience sandboarding – sport similar to snowboarding that takes place on sand dunes rather than snow-covered mountains.

Beach buggy rides

You can also enjoy riding a buggy with an experienced driver or attend one of the buggy tours that will take you to the most beautiful spots near Cumbuco.

Jangada sailing

Jaganda boat trip will allow you to experience a bit of Brazilian culture while sailing with their traditional fishing boat.

Horseback riding

Riding along a white sand beach while the sun sets down and covers the dunes with yellow glow will be the ride you will never forget.

Culinary pleasures

There are restaurants and bars in Cumbuco where you could start your evening with the famous Brazilian caipirinha or enjoy the freshly caught fish or the great Brazilian steaks.